• Hourly

    The old-fashioned method. We charge you for work completed. That’s it.

  • Flat Fee

    If you know what service you need and have enough information, we may be able to quote you a flat fee.

  • Phase Billing

    If you have a complex matter and do not have all of the information, we offer a payment scheme where you pay a set price until we get to the next phase in your matter.

  • Payment Plan

    Are you living paycheck to paycheck? We can work something out where you make a deposit into your trust account with each paycheck.

  • Contingency

    This is the “if you win, we win” scenario. If we take your case at no upfront cost to you, it’s because we like your chances of obtaining an award.

  • Partial Contingency

    Sometimes clients don’t want to give up too much interest in their case. We may reduce our contingency fee and work out a reduced hourly or phase billing rate.

  • Lay-away

    Need a lawyer but can’t afford one? For a small fee, we will open a file, place money in trust, and keep it there until you reach an agreed upon amount to start work (or if you decide to withdraw it).

  • G2 Package

    Are you a small business or busy individual that needs an on-call lawyer to immediately handle matters as they arise? Hire the G2 Team to be your go-to. We can work out a monthly retainer with rollover options.