Our Practice Areas


Civil Litigation

Recompense when you've been wronged

We represent individuals, small businesses, and large entities in various matters. Whatever your issue, we can probably help. Nothing scares us. We actually enjoy litigation.


Criminal Law

Defense against accusations great and small

We like keeping our clients out of jail. We like it better when we get charges dismissed. Contact us now so we can apply our priorities to your case.


Wills, Estates, Trusts

Planning for the future every step of the way

Whether you need to prepare for taking care of your family or need help getting through a difficult time, our G2 team can guide you through the process from start to finish.

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We can help with that

Want a cost effective approach where you handle the process yourself? Great! We can offer advice, coaching, and drafting services. We’ll make sure you’re prepared.


Military Matters

Navigating the bureaucratic maze for you

We represent Servicemembers in a wide array of matters, including investigations, separation boards, Article 15, and courts-martial.


Family Law

Help when you need it the most

Going through a divorce? Trying to figure out child custody? These processes can be stressful and messy. We like taking stressful and messy situations and cleaning them up.

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Civil Rights

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly

We like having rights. We like you having rights. What we don’t like are when governments and their agents forget about or intentionally ignore our rights and cause harm.


Not Listed

We may still be able to help

Reach out to us. We love what we do. If we can’t help you, we can probably find someone that can.